The Whole House Got Sick

One of the things about being a stay at home dad is that you have to take care of everyone. Not a bad job really. I was talking to Ellen about this the other day. She got sick with some random cold a while back, then passed it to the boys. They were all sick last week. Finally, at the end of the week, I was sick as well.

What’s funny about that is that they all stayed home, being taken care of by me. (The exception being my wife, wo stuck it out until the weekend started.) When I got sick, ironically, all I wanted was for everyone to go, so I could sleep. It’s a funny thing, the need for quiet.

I’m essentially landlocked hear in the house most days. That doesn’t mean I’m STUCK. Not by any means. But it does mean that the house becomes a place for ME to be with my thoughts and my work. What I end up with most of the time is time to get things done before everyone comes home and starts climbing all over me asking for things. Taking care of everyone here and trying to get done what I feel needs doing is nearly impossible sometimes. (Hence, the lack of posts.)

But as much as I like being pampered and babied, all I really wanted was to have the TV to myself, the sound at a level that I wanted, without any complaints, and the house empty so I could fall asleep and convalesce without a single person needing me, or my opinion or my permission on anything.

Thankfully, That’s what I got on Friday, and that’s what I got this morning as everyone went to their various destinations, and no one needed to be brought home early. Everyone else got healthy under my watch, I am happy to say. And since I am now coming out of the haze of my illness, I’d like to thank my family for giving my what I needed.

Thank you for not being sick while I was sick. Thank you for not needing me. Thank you for the quiet and the sleep and the alone time. I like to be pampered, but I needed my time alone. Thank you.

The blog schedule will be returning to normal, since illness swept through the house, and it’s hard to blog when people need you. I’ve got a few things for the sight I would like to try, but I’m not going to give it away just yet.

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